Science Communications

The lack of inclusion of scientific data into public policy is a contributing factor to the environmental problems that the world is facing. There have been few efforts to disseminate results that demonstrate scientific conclusions regarding the management and economic valuation of ecosystem services. To meet this challenge, we are applying creative and innovative communication tools that allow us to bring relevant scientific discoveries and information into the mainstream and into the hands of decision makers.


Mares Mexicanos: Diving Deeper into Stories.

Mares Mexicanos works closely with scientists and coastal communities to tell stories through audiovisual material about Mexico’s seas, their biodiversity and the communities that rely on them.

DataMares: Work. Publish. Release.

DataMares facilitates access to robust scientific data and information through an open source platform in order to promote transparency, education, and a deeper understanding of the coastal and marine ecosystems around the world.

Natural Numbers: The Value of the Planet in Minutes.

As an initiative between Mares Mexicanos and DataMares, the Natural Numbers combines captivating visual media and storytelling with scientifically supported facts for effective contextualization of conservation issues.

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