Mi semana en Clubes de Ciencia México

Clubes de Ciencia es una organización que busca motivar a jóvenes estudiantes de bachillerato y universidad a adentrarse al mundo de la investigación y la ciencia de una manera dinámica y divertida. Durante una semana, jóvenes investigadores se unen para compartir sus conocimientos a estudiantes que desean aprender y acercarse a estas disciplinas. Clubes de […]

Mangroves from Three Perspectives

This work is possible through the support of Pew Charitable Trusts. Drone Work By Savannah Longoria A team from Engineers for Exploration went to Baja Sur California with the Aburto Lab from Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) from July 11-18 to collect aerial and on-the-ground data to document several mangrove sites. The primary purpose of this […]

Dealing with dynamic habitats: recovering temperature data loggers within Baja California mangroves

The Gulf of California (GoC) is a very interesting place to study the effects climate change has on fish because it presents one the world’s most extreme environments in terms of temperature. From February to August, water temperatures here can swing a full 17°C. Despite this radical change in temperature, the GoC is among one […]

Through the Corridor: A Journey through the San Cosme-Punta Coyote Fisheries Refuge Network

In early November 2017 we set sail with Baja Expeditions and our partners from Niparaja aboard the Mechudo Catamaran, heading to the San Cosme-Punta Coyote Corridor in the Gulf of California. In this corridor lies a network of 11 fisheries refuge zones, a management tool aimed at the recovery of fisheries resources. During this six-day […]

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