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The Gulf of California Marine Program is an international team of scientists, students, and professionals from multiple disciplines and institutions dedicated to generating and disseminating scientific information that has a direct, positive impact on conservation and resource management issues in the Gulf of California, Mexico. Headquartered at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), part of the University of California, San Diego (USCD) campus, and the Centro para la Biodiversidad Marina y la Conservación (CBMC) Program in La Paz, Mexico; program members are devoted to generating the highest-quality research in the fields of marine ecology, taxonomy and biodiversity, fisheries science, socioeconomics, marine spatial planning, and climate change.

GCMP Team Members at the annual meeting held in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Our team members include Mares Mexicanos, dataMares, and El Centro para la Biodiversidad Marina y la Conservación A.C. (CBMC).

Mission and Values

Our mission is to produce robust, objective scientific information that builds a comprehensive understanding of connections between marine ecosystems and human-use activities in the Gulf of California and is used to inform current and future management and conservation issues in Mexico.
We aim to accomplish this by:

  • Understanding spatial and temporal patterns of biodiversity and human use of coastal and marine ecosystems in the region.
  • Conducting robust scientific research and facilitate its application to ocean and coastal policy and management within the region.
  • Building regional capacity through direct involvement of students, researchers, professionals, and resource-users in bi-national exchanges, training programs, and research projects.

Core Values of the GCMP include to:

  • Conduct objective scientific research that is not influenced or driven by a specific agenda of any government institution, conservation organization, or user group.
  • Produce credible scientific products that target conservation and management needs.
  • Collaborate with regional universities, organizations, and local communities to build capacity in the region and participate in forums to share expertise.
  • Share data and information with local and regional stakeholders in a manner that ensures its effective use for policy and management.
  • Pursue scientific endeavors that inspire current and future scientists to further coastal and marine science while encouraging innovation.

Our Team

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